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Chris Cupi

Titan Fitness Owner

Our measurement of success is your success.


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Titan Fitness Front Office


Chris cupi


Founder and Owner of Titan Fitness
for the past 25 years

Born and raised in Central Illinois, Chris grew up part of a large family farming operation, and learned the value of a solid work ethic early on. He went on to graduate from Bradley University with a degree in Business Finance and worked at Caterpillar for a few years.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, Chris left Caterpillar to return to help run the farming business and start some other businesses of his own. He had always loved water sports, snowmobile racing, but Chris had never exercised regularly. After gaining weight and generally being “out of shape”, he decided to go to a local gym. Chris says “lifting weights changed his life”. He lost sixty pounds, and not long after, really got involved in strength training and power lifting and most importantly met the love of his life, his wife Vicki.

This led to him opening three 24/7 gyms; Titan Fitness in Rantoul, Il.; Titan Fitness in Washington, IL; and Titan Fitness in North Peoria. Chris believes that “Success happens when Opportunity and Preparedness Meet!”

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