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All new members Get a ‘free’ one hour consultation with one of our certified personal trainers.

Quick start training packages, 3 – 30 minute sessions for $99.

Titan Fitness – Support for Every Goal

Welcome to Titan Fitness Washington. We know everyone wants that lean, mean, healthy body that looks good and feels even better. We understand that each fitness journey is unique. Some may want to lose weight. Others want to build muscle. Some are just beginning on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Here at Titan Fitness in Washington we want to help you reach your goals from the beginning and stay with you to the very end. With the help of our high-energy, high-reward fitness programs including  CrossFit Max Strength, fitness classes, one-on-one personal training, and small group training we have something to offer for everyone–from novice to professional body builder. Come train with us and join the Titan Fitness family.

Call 309-717-9058 or stop by at 52 Washington Plaza and get started today.

Whatever your goals may be, Titan Fitness offers a friendly, comfortable environment that is welcoming to people of all fitness levels. You may decide to workout in the early morning before the sun rises, stop in for a quick workout on your lunch break, come in for a class after work, or hit the gym for a late night pump.  With round-the-clock access to our Peoria and Washington Titan Fitness facilities, you can plan your workout to suit your schedule. Whether you want to workout alone or want the services of our Certified Personal Trainers, your fitness goals are within your reach. No matter your circumstance or your fitness goal, Titan Fitness Washington gives you the support and the fitness equipment necessary to reach your goals both in the gym and in life.