• 24/7 Access

  • 1 Hour Fitness Consultation

  • 50% Off Smoothie Coupon



  • 24/7 Access

  • All Les Mills Brand Classes

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  • 1 Hour Fitness Consultation

  • Childcare

  • 50% Off Smoothie Coupon

  • 10% Off Future Smoothie Purchases

Save over $120 a year when you sign

a 12-month agreement.

All 12-month contracts are paid monthly. Talk with your local Titan Fitness to figure out which package option is best for you.

Military and First Responder Rates

Titan Fitness is a proud supporter of our military and first responders. To show our support we are offering massive discounts to our those who take care of us.

If you are in any branch of the military, active or civil duty, or a first responder then reach out to find out what your discount is today.

Student Rates

Home from college? You don’t need to interrupt your workout schedule just because your back home. Titan Fitness provides short term contracts for students returning from school. Call us today to sign up for a short term contract.


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If you are a member of the following programs then join our gym for free. *


Renew Active
(United Healthcare)

(Blue Cross Blue Shield)

*As a member of these programs our gym doors are open to you. Please feel free to stop by and participate in the Silver Sneakers classes and all Group Fitness Classes for free. To learn more click the sign up button and start your membership.

Pricing and Membership FAQS

Yes, for this type of membership, we require a card on file for us to bill monthly, but you may cancel with a 30 day notice at any time. Invoice amount is $10 more per month than with a 12MO contract.


Guests are only allowed during our staffed hours. Guest passes can be purchased at the front desk for $10/day.

Must be at least 16 to sign up. Members 16-18 years of age must have a parent or guardian with them sign up.

Memberships vary in length depending on membership plan chosen at sign-up. The most popular one is the 12 mo. contract.

We accept cash paid in full, MC, VISA, DISCOVER, AMEX , Debit Card, EFT from Checking or Savings.

Membership terms are listed on the membership agreement and is provided at sign-up. Length of term can be a 12 mo contract, Month to Month, or a Short-term membership.

Yes, you can freeze your membership for up to 3 months.

Your membership keytag will work at our other locations.

Our cancellation policy is a 30 day notice in writing. We prefer you to come in and sign a "Request for Cancellation" document. A copy is then emailed to you for your records. Memberships must be in good standing to cancel.

Freezing puts a hold on your membership and billing for a period of time; Cancelling terminates your membership and billing stops after the 30 day notice is fulfilled.

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