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Refer a friend or family member today and recieve one month free.

Refer a friend and save

Receive one month free for every new member you refer who signs up for a 12 months contract.

*Your membership credit for referral is applied after the new member signs up for a 12-month membership.


“ There’s only one thing better than getting to workout for free. Working out with the people you enjoy spending time with. I’ve invited 3 new members to Titan Fitness and everytime I see them at the gym it makes me smile.”


Titan Fitness Member since 2016

Referral FAQ’s

When your friend or family member signs up for a 12-month membership contract, and mentions your name as the referral,  you receive a FREE month. 

We will credit your monthly invoices the following month.

Please feel free to call or stop by the front desk and ask for the manager on duty. Just let us know who your referral is and we'll look it up for you. We want to make sure that you get credit for referrals and are excited about referring more of your friends to Titan Fitness.  

Ask one of our Front Desk Staff members. 

Referral Terms and Conditions

no refer twice

Member can not already be referred by someone else. First come first serve. You must provide complete and accurate contact details. No referring the same person twice.


Every succesful referral received gives you one month free membership to any Titan
Fitness location.

Referral can only be applied to the membership of the referrer. You do not need to be a member to refer someone. But, to receive credit
for the referral you must be a member.

You can refer as many people
as you like and receive multiple monts discounts for additional referrals.


Referral credit is applied as a discount to your monthly fee within 60 days of referal succesful sign up. Referral must sign up for 12-month membership.

Referral credit doesn't apply to family add-ons

Start earning membership rewards
today by referring your first member.