Titan Fitness COVID-19 Policy

Titan Fitness is taking measures to ensure the highest level of safety with best practice COVID health measures.

If you have additional questions or concerns

Titan Fitness COVID-19

COVID effect everyone’s life no matter how big or small the affect on your body. To help reduce the spread of the virus we are following these practices at the gym. We ask that you help us and each other stay safe.

Titan Fitness Gym Values

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Mask Up

If you are not able to follow the social distancing guidelines, please wear a mask.

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Social Distance

Respect the social distancing guidelines in all areas of the gym, especially in the restroom locker areas. If you are not able to follow the social distancing guidelines, please wear a mask.

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Your Hands

Wash your hands before entering and upon leaving the gym

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Clean Your

Use the disinfectant spray bottles and towels that we have made available to wipe down equipment both before and after use.

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Bring Your
Own Water

The water fountain is turned on, we suggest using it just to fill your bottles. Bring water from home or purchase it from the front desk.

If you have CORNOA Virus or
other flu-like symptoms STAY HOME.

Limited Services During COVID

Due to Corona Virus some of our services are currently limited. Please review the list below as we will update it frequently.

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Water Fountains

Drinking fountains are closed except for refilling water bottles.

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Locker Rooms

(Follow social distancing guidelines or wear a mask)

Covid Cleaning Practices

To ensure that the gym stays a safe place for everyone, we’ve increased our cleaning practices. Check out the added cleaning procedures we go through each day.

Disinfectant Spray

Disinfecting Spray on Everything

we all spray or wipe down all the gym equipment with sterilizing disinfect

Hand Sanitize and Cloths

Hand Sanitizer in Gym

To help keep your hands clean we’ve scattered hand sanitizer bottles around the gym

Towels and Spray

Spray Bottles and Towels

Each gym user is provided a spray bottle and towel to Sanitize their equpment before and after use

Illinois State COVID Laws

Want to stay up-to-date on COVID laws from the Illinois state legislature? Click on the link below and go to their .gov site.


Stay current on all COVID updates
relating to Titan Fitness through email